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Customer Support: 866-526-9266

Thu. Nov 30, 2023
08:46 PM UTC

HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2
This handbook is originally from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

                                                 Handbook No. 7460.8 REV 2

•   Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)

    SBDC provide businesses with management, marketing and financial counseling.  The 
    centers assist in the development of business and marketing plans, improving business 
    ownership skills, financial analysis of businesses, accessing specialized services including 
    export and government marketing and other business management needs.

•   Women’s Business Centers (WBC)

    Each women’s business center provides assistance and/or training in finance, management, 
    marketing, procurement and the internet, as well as addressing specialized topics such as 
    home-based businesses corporate executive downsizing and welfare-to-work.  All provide 
    individual business counseling and access to the SBA’s programs and services; a number of 
    centers are also intermediaries for the SBA’s MicroLoan and Loan Prequalification programs.  
    Each WBC tailors its programs to the needs of its constituency; many offer programs and 
    counseling in two or more languages.

•   Minority Business Development Centers (MBDC)

    The MBDC’s provide business development services to aid in the creation, expansion and 
    preservation of minority-owned businesses.  It is MBDC’s largest client services program and 
    is structured to cover areas that contain approximately 80% of the country’s minorities. 

•   Native American Business Development Centers

    The Minority Business Development Agency established the Native American Program 
    (NAP) to address the special problems of the Native American firms and individuals 
    interested in entering, maintaining, or expanding their efforts in the competitive marketplace.

•   To view a list of over 800 Trade Associations and similar organizations, visit the HUD 
    OSDBU website at:

•   To locate local SBA District/Field offices, SBDC and other resources, visit SBA’s website 

•   To locate local MBDA regional offices, MBDCs and other resources, visit MBDA’s website 

•   The SBA, DOD, the Office of Management & Budget and GSA created an integrated 
    database of small businesses called Central Contractor Registration (CCR). CCR can provide  
    you with listings of small businesses that offer the products and services that you procure.  

•   To facilitate searches for small businesses in particular industries, refer to the North 
    American Industry Classification System (NAICS).  Visit the website at:

•   To assist you in advertising your contracting opportunities, include your upcoming 
    contracting requirements in MBDA’s “Opportunity Database” called Phoenix.  Phoenix 
    matches MBE’s with contracts and other business opportunities via e-mail at:


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 Contact  Customer Support: 866-526-9266 © Copyright 2023, International eProcurement