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HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2
This handbook is originally from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Handbook No. 7460.8 REV 2
Chapter 1: Introduction1-1
1.1 Purpose of the Handbook1-1
1.2 Application1-1
1.3 Source Requirements1-1
1.4 Consistency with Good Business Practices1-2
1.5 State and Local Law1-3
1.6 Public Access to Procurement Information1-3
1.7 Availability of HUD Forms and Documents1-3
1.8 Paperwork Reduction Information1-4
1.9 Glossary of Procurement Terms1-4
1.10 Acronym Guide1-10
Chapter 2: Procurement Authority and Administration of the Procurement Function2-1
2.1 General2-1
2.2 The Procurement Policy2-1
2.3 Delegation of Authority2-1
2.4 Responsibility of the Contracting Officer2-1
2.5 Contracting Officer Signature/Obligation of Funds2-2
2.6 Staffing and Training2-2
Chapter 3: General Requirements3-1
3.1 Procurement Planning3-1
3.2 Independent Cost Estimate (ICE)3-1
3.3 Documentation3-3
3.4 Funding and Payment3-3
3.5 Internal Controls3-4
Chapter 4: Ethics in Public Contracting4-1
4.1 General4-1
4.2 Principles4-1
4.3 Requirement for a Written Code of Standards4-1
4.4 Conflicts of Interest4-1
4.5 Gratuities, Kickbacks, and Use of Confidential Information4-2
4.6 Prohibition Against Contingent Fees4-3
4.7 Sanctions4-3
Chapter 5: Small Purchase Procedures5-1
5.1 General5-1
5.2 Small Purchase Dollar Limits5-1
5.3 Competition Requirements5-1
5.4 Method of Solicitation5-1
5.5 Quotation Evaluation5-2
5.6 Petty Cash Purchases5-3
5.7 Purchasing Cards5-4
5.8 Bonding Requirements5-4
5.9 Purchase Orders5-4
5.10 Standardized Forms/Mandatory Contract Clauses5-4
5.11 Use of Indefinite-Delivery Contracts5-7
5.12 Negotiations5-7
5.13 Rejection and Notification of Unsuccessful Vendors5-7
5.14 Appeals5-7
5.15 Receiving Goods/Services and Approving Payments5-7
Chapter 6: Sealed Bids6-1
6.1 General6-1
6.2 Description6-1
6.3 When to Use Sealed Bids6-1
6.4 Alternate Bids6-1
6.5 Invitation for Bids (IFB)6-1
6.6 Amendments6-2
6.7 Pre-Bid Conference6-3
6.8 Canceling an IFB6-3
6.9 Bid Opening6-3
6.10 Mistakes in Bids6-4
6.11 Bonds/Guarantees6-5
6.12 Contract Award6-7
6.13 Bid Protests6-9
6.14 Multi-Step Bids6-9
Chapter 7: Competitive Proposals7-1
7.1 General7-1
7.2 Competitive Proposal Process7-2
7.3 Requests for Qualifications (RFQ)7-10
7.4 Procurement of Legal Services by Public Housing Agencies (PHAs)7-12
7.5 Employment Contracts7-15
Chapter 8: Noncompetitive Proposals8-1
8.1 General8-1
8.2 Definition8-1
8.3 Restrictions8-1
8.4 Process8-1
8.5 Justification/Documentation8-1
Chapter 9: Specifications and Statements of Work9-1
9.1 General9-1
9.2 Regulatory Requirement9-1
9.3 Specifications9-1
9.4 Statement/Scope of Work (SOW)9-3
Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Requirements10-1
10.1 Contract Pricing and Types10-1
10.2 Contractor Responsibility10-10
10.3 Evaluating Cost and Price10-14
10.4 Protests10-20
10.5 Mandatory Contract Clauses10-23
10.6 Prohibited Clauses-Project Labor Agreements10-24
10.7 Performance Standards10-24
10.8 Use of Options10-25
10.9 Federal Labor Standards and Wage Rates-Construction10-26
10.10 Federal Labor Standards and Wage Rates-Maintenance10-28
10.11 Guidance on Federal Labor Standards Requirements10-30
10.12 Procurement of Recovered Materials10-30
Chapter 11: Contract Administration11-1
11.1 General11-1
11.2 Administering Construction Contracts11-1
11.3 Administering Non-Construction Contracts11-6
11.4 Contract Modifications11-8
11.5 Contract Claims11-9
11.6 Contract Terminations11-10
Chapter 12: HUD Review Requirements12-1
12.1. General12-1
12.2 Contracting Actions Requiring HUD Approval12-1
12.3 PHA Submission Requirements for Actions Requiring HUD Approval12-2
12.4 Development12-2
12.5 Exemption from Pre-Award Review12-2
Chapter 13: State and Local Laws and Regulations Governing PHA Procurement13-1
13.1 General13-1
13.2 Exceptions to Local Pre-emption13-1
13.3 State Law13-1
13.4 Local Law13-2
13.5 Guidance on State and Local Procurement Laws13-2
Chapter 14: Cooperative Business Relationships14-1
14.1 General14-1
14.2 Intergovernmental Agreements for Procurement Activity14-1
14.3 Selecting Joint Venture Partners14-4
14.4 Conflict of Interest Considerations for Joint Ventures, Subsidiaries and Affiliates14-4
14.5 Procurement Requirements of Joint Venture Partners14-5
14.6 Contracting with PHA Subsidiaries, Affiliates, and Joint Venture Partners14-5
14.7 Consortia14-5
14.8 Considerations14-6
Chapter 15: Employment & Training Opportunities and Contracting with Residents,
Resident-Owned, Small, Minority, and Other Disadvantaged Businesses
15.1 General15-1
15.2 Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 196815-1
15.3 Resident-Owned Businesses15-1
15.4 Contracting with Resident Management Corporations (RMCs)15-2
15.5 Assistance to Small and Other Disadvantaged Businesses15-3
Chapter 16: Public/Private Partnerships, HOPE VI, Mixed-Finance Development and
Bond Financing
16.1 General16-1
16.2 Application16-1
16.3 Definitions16-1
16.4 Selection of Developer/Development Partner16-2
16.5 HUD Review of Hope VI Procurement Actions16-2
16.6 Procurement Requirements of the Developer16-3
16.7 Other Required Efforts16-3
16.8 Procurement by Parties Other Than the PHA or the Developer16-4
16.9 Resident Involvement16-5
16.10 Procurement by the PHA as Developer with Ownership Interest in the
Development or Ownership Entity
16.11 Issues Arising in Community and Supportive Services (CSS) Procurement Activity16-6
16.12 Contracting with Sub-Grantees16-6
16.13 Mandatory Contract Clauses16-6
16.14 Fees and Guarantees16-7
Chapter 17: Utility Purchasing, Energy Conservation Loans, and Energy Performance
17.1 General17-1
17.2 Energy Conservation Loans (Operating Subsidy Add-On)17-1
17.3 Energy Performance Contracting (Frozen Rolling Base Incentive)17-1
17.4 Utility Purchasing17-2
17.5 Procurement Regulations Pertaining to Energy Conservation Loans
Energy Performance Contracting
17.6 Resources17-2
Appendix 1: Procurement Policya-1
Appendix 2: Sample Advertisementa-17
Appendix 3: Procurement File Checklista-18
Appendix 4: Sample IFB Cover Sheeta-20
Appendix 5: Sample Solicitation Amendmenta-21
Appendix 6: Sample Contract Awarda-22
Appendix 7: Sample Notice to Unsuccessful Biddersa-23
Appendix 8: Sample Procedures for Evaluation Committeesa-24
Appendix 9: Certification of Nondisclosurea-26
Appendix 10: Sample Checklist for Determination of Contractor Responsibilitya-27
Appendix 11: Sample Legal Services Engagement Lettera-29
Appendix 12: Guidelines for Conducting Cost Analysisa-31
Appendix 13: Sample Notice to Proceeda-33
Appendix 14: Sample Contract Modificationa-34
Appendix 15: Intergovernmental Agreement for Supplemental Community
Policing Services
Appendix 16: Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Resource Lista-37
List of Forms
The following forms are referenced in this handbook:
HUD-2516- “Contract and Subcontract Activity Report”
HUD-5369- “Instructions to Bidders for Contracts”
HUD-5369-A- "Representations, Certifications, and Other Statements of Bidders"
HUD-5369-B- "Instructions to Offerors-Non-Construction"
HUD-5370- "General Conditions of the Contract for Construction"
HUD-5370-C- General Contract Conditions for Non-Construction Contracts
HUD-5370-EZ - “General Conditions of the Contract for Small Construction/Development Contracts”
HUD-5372- “Construction Progress Schedule”
HUD-51000- “Schedule of Amounts for Contract Payments”
HUD-51001- “Periodic Estimate for Partial Payment”
HUD-51002- “Schedule of Change Orders”
HUD-51003- “Schedule of Materials Stored”
HUD-51004- “Summary of Materials Stored”
HUD-51915- “Model Form of Agreement Between Owner and Design Professional”
HUD-51915-A- “Contract Provisions Required by Federal Law or Owner Contract with the
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development”
HUD-52158 - “Maintenance Wage Rate Determinations”
HUD-53010- “Low-Rent Public Housing Annual Contributions Contract, Part I”
HUD-53011- “Low-Rent Public Housing Annual Contributions Contract, Part II”
HUD-53012-A - “Terms and Conditions”
HUD-60002- “Economic Opportunities for Low and Very Low-Income Persons”
WH-347- “Payroll”
[ Table of Contents ]

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