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Sat. Oct 23, 2021
05:21 AM UTC

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Sat. Oct 23, 2021
05:21 AM UTC

Request for Proposals (RFP)
[Within the following, applicable reference within HUD Procurement Handbook No. 7460.8 REV 2]

You may print this Solicitation.

RFP Information
Solicitation #: HACL 2021-043
Date Posted on the System: 09/23/2021 05:07 PM
Agency: Housing Authority of the City of Lumberton
Main Service Category: Computer Services
Sub Service Description: Managed IT Services
Buyer Information
Buyer Name: Steven Harrell
Buyer Phone Number: 910-802-4437
Buyer Fax Number:
Buyer E-mail:
Pre-proposal Conference(s)
Pre-proposal Conference: Will a Pre-proposal Conference be conducted in conjunction with this Solicitation  [Section 7.2.G, which references Section 6.7]?

Q/A Cutoff Date: 10/12/2021
Q/A Cutoff Time: 06:00 PM UTC
Proposal Due Date: 10/20/2021
Proposal Due Time: 06:00 PM UTC
To change your Time Zone, click on "Company Profile" in the navigation menu to the left.
Cancellation: Submital Deadline has passed. Please use award features to do an award/non-award notice or an online evaluation.
Estimated Initial Contract Period:  
Start Date
End Date
1st Estimated Contract Renewal Option:  
Start Date
End Date
2nd Estimated Contract Renewal Option:  
Start Date
End Date
3rd Estimated Contract Renewal Option:  
Start Date
End Date
Economic Price Adjustment: Do you wish to include an Economic Price Adjustment Option as a part of Solicitation  [Section 10.1.C.1.b]?
Contract (Award) Types:
  Firm Fixed-price Contract [Section 10.1.C.1]
"Ship To" Information
A. Delivery of Purchased Items or Services
Name: Lumberton Housing
Location: Main Office
Address: 407 N. Sycamore St
City: Lumberton
State: NC
Zip Code: 28358
Phone Number: 910-671-8200
Fax Number: 910-802-4526
Proposal Format
The Agency intends to retain the successful proposer pursuant to a "Best Value" basis, not a "Low Bid" basis. Therefore, so that the Agency can properly evaluate the offers received, all proposals submitted in response to this RFP must be formatted in accordance with the sequence noted below. Each category must be separated by index dividers numbered (which number extends so that each tab can be located without opening the proposal). None of the proposed services may conflict with any requirement the Agency has published herein or will issue by addendum.
Proposal Evaluation Factors
The following Factors will be utilized by the Agency to evaluate each proposal submitted.
No. 1: Proposed Cost
Maximum Point Value = 30
Price Reasonableness - List the hourly billing rate of each individual who will be committed to the agency, relative to the scope of services. The proposed fees must be reasonable.
No. 2: Qualifications
Maximum Point Value = 10
Qualifications of assigned personnel, including a list of all key members of the firm and any consultant(s) or subconsultants(s) who will be assigned to the Agency.
No. 3: Experience
Maximum Point Value = 25
Experience in and demonstrated success in completing the services described in the Scope of Services in collaboration with Public Housing Authorities.
No. 4: Capacity
Maximum Point Value = 25
Capacity - ability to provide information technology services in a timely manner with limited notice and within a confined time-frame.
No. 5: Responsiveness
Maximum Point Value = 10
Responsiveness - Completion, clarity and correctness of all RFP Requirements.
Total Maximum Points = 100  
Did the Agency place an advertisement in any publication pertaining to this RFP?  Yes
Publication: NC ADMIN HUB Advertising Dates: 09/23/2021
Publication: Advertising Dates: 09/23/2021
Publication: Fayetteville Observer Advertising Dates: 09/23/2021
Terms, Conditions and Instructions
Each firm that submits a proposal is responsible to carefully review and comply with the following and/or the attached Terms, Conditions and Instructions, and by submitting a proposal agrees to do so.

If you have any questions regarding this proposal or any of the documents attached, you may use the "Questions and Answers" area. This will save both you and the Agency time in communication along with allowing documentation of all inquiries and responses within one area for all vendors to view.

Right to reject, waive, or terminate the RFP. Reject any or all bids, to waive any formality in the RFP process, or to terminate the RFP process at any time, if deemed by the Agency to be in its best interest.

Right to Not Award. Not award a contract pursuant to this RFP.

Right to Terminate. Terminate a contract awarded pursuant to this RFP, at any time for its convenience upon 10 days written notice to the successful proposer.

Right to Determine Time and Location. Determine the days, hours and locations that the Contractor shall provide the services called for in this RFP.

Right to Retain Bids. Retain all proposals submitted and not permit withdrawal for a period of 60 days subsequent to the deadline for receiving proposals without the written consent of the Agency Contact Person.

Right to Negotiate. HACL shall retain the right to negotiate the amount of fees that are paid to the successful Offeror, meaning the fees proposed by the apparent successful proposal may be the basis for the beginning of negotiations.

Right to Award. To make an award to the same bidder (aggregate) for all items; to make an award to multiple bidders (including joint venture proposals) for the same or different items; to select a respondent(s) for specific purposes or for any combination of specific purposes; or, to defer the selection and award of any respondent(s) to a time of the HACL’s choosing.

Right to Reject any Bid. Reject and not consider any proposal that does not, in the opinion of HACL, meet the requirements of this RFP, including but not necessarily limited to incomplete proposals and/or proposals offering alternate or non-requested services.

No Obligation to Compensate. Have no obligation to compensate any Offeror for any costs incurred in responding to this RFP.

Right to Interview. Request an oral interview with, and additional information from, companies prior to final selection of a provider. (NOTE: If an oral interview is requested, respondent will be given at least three (3) business days’ notice, along with the date, time and place for the interviews. Expenses will be the responsibility of the respondent.)

Right to Consider. Consider information about a company in addition to the information submitted in the response or interview.

Right to Prohibit. At any time during the RFP or contract process to prohibit any further participation by a proposer or reject any proposal submitted that does not conform to any of the requirements detailed herein. By downloading this document, or by contacting the Agency Contact Person and requesting a bid packet, each prospective proposer is thereby agreeing to abide by all terms and conditions listed within this document and within the noted Internet System, and further agrees that he/she will inform the Agency Contact Person in writing within 5 days of the discovery of any item listed herein or of any item that is issued thereafter by the Agency that he/she feels needs to be addressed. Failure to abide by this time frame shall relieve the Agency, but not the prospective proposer, of any responsibility pertaining to such issue.
RFP Documents  
Attached Documents:
  Filename Size
HUD 5369-B Instructions Non-Construction.pdf HUD 5369-B Instructions Non-Construction.pdf 79.37 KB
HUD 5369-C Representation Non-Construction.pdf HUD 5369-C Representation Non-Construction.pdf 73.17 KB
HUD 5370-C Section 1 Non-Construction WorWO Maintenance Work.pdf HUD 5370-C Section 1 Non-Construction WorWO Maintenance Work.pdf 2.68 MB
HUD-2992.pdf HUD-2992.pdf 15.16 KB
SECTION 3 2021 PACKET.pdf SECTION 3 2021 PACKET.pdf 370.12 KB
SF-LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities.pdf SF-LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities.pdf 39.42 KB
HACL-2021-043 NC E-Verify Certification.pdf HACL-2021-043 NC E-Verify Certification.pdf 106.44 KB
HACL-2021-043 Non-Collusive Affidavit.pdf HACL-2021-043 Non-Collusive Affidavit.pdf 97.77 KB
HACL-2021-043 Section 3 Certification.pdf HACL-2021-043 Section 3 Certification.pdf 340.78 KB
HACL-2021-043 Statement of Qualifications.pdf HACL-2021-043 Statement of Qualifications.pdf 110.07 KB
HACL-2021-043 Cover Sheet.pdf HACL-2021-043 Cover Sheet.pdf 122.41 KB
HACL-2021-043 RFP Managed IT Services.pdf HACL-2021-043 RFP Managed IT Services.pdf 226.59 KB
Issued: 10/05/2021 - 01:20 PM UTC - Addendum #1 - 5OCT2021
Issued: 10/07/2021 - 01:12 PM UTC - ADDENDUM #2 - 07OCT2021
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Pricing Items for Solicitation #: HACL 2021-043 - Managed IT Services
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Specification: Desktop Support, or equal. 
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Specification: Network Management / Support, or equal. 
Vendor SKU: NOT REQUIRED for this item.
No Bid: ALLOWED for this item.
No Charge: ALLOWED for this item.

End of Solicitation # HACL 2021-043 10/23/2021 05:21:48 AM UTC

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