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Thu. Aug 18, 2022
01:16 AM UTC

Request for Proposals (RFP)
[Within the following, applicable reference within HUD Procurement Handbook No. 7460.8 REV 2]

You may print this Solicitation.

RFP Information
Solicitation #: 2224
Date Posted on the System: 06/17/2022 12:06 AM
Agency: Albuquerque Housing Authority
Main Service Category: Roofing Evaluation Services
Sub Service Description: Roof Replacement Services
Buyer Information
Buyer Name: Rocio Solis Sinche
Buyer Phone Number: 505-764-3932
Buyer Fax Number: 505-764-3933
Buyer E-mail:
Pre-proposal Conference(s)
Pre-proposal Conference: Will a Pre-proposal Conference be conducted in conjunction with this Solicitation  [Section 7.2.G, which references Section 6.7]?

Pre-proposal Conference Date: 06/27/2022
Pre-proposal Conference Time: 9:00 AM MT
Pre-proposal Conference Location:
via Zoom see Pre-Proposal Meeting-Zoom Instructions
Q/A Cutoff Date: 07/05/2022
Q/A Cutoff Time: 09:00 PM UTC
Proposal Due Date: 07/13/2022
Proposal Due Time: 09:00 PM UTC
To change your Time Zone, click on "Company Profile" in the navigation menu to the left.
Cancellation: Submital Deadline has passed. Please use award features to do an award/non-award notice or an online evaluation.
Estimated Initial Contract Period:  
Start Date
End Date
1st Estimated Contract Renewal Option:  
Start Date
End Date
2nd Estimated Contract Renewal Option:  
Start Date
End Date
3rd Estimated Contract Renewal Option:  
Start Date
End Date
Economic Price Adjustment: Do you wish to include an Economic Price Adjustment Option as a part of Solicitation  [Section 10.1.C.1.b]?
Contract (Award) Types:
  Indefinite-delivery Contract [Section 10.1.C.3]
(Definite-quantity; Requirements; Indefinite-quantity)
"Ship To" Information
A. Delivery of Purchased Items or Services
Name: Daniel Foster
Location: Development Department
Address: 1840 University Blvd. SE
City: Albuquerque
State: NM
Zip Code: 87106
Phone Number: 505-764-3925
Fax Number:
B. Delivery of "Hard Copy" Proposal Submittal
Name: Rocio Sinche
Location: Albuquerque Housing Authority
Address: 1840 University Blvd SE
City: Albuquerque
State: NM
Zip Code: 87106
Phone Number: 5057643932
Fax Number:
Proposal Format
All proposals must be submitted electronically via economic engine at the following website.,

Hard copy proposal must be mailed in and time-stamped by post office or other mail carrier no later than the due date. Electronic proposal must be uploaded no later than the submittal deadline stated herein (or within any ensuing addendum).

A total of 1 original signature copy and 1 electronic copy (uploaded to site). Please submit the electronic version with Tabs. For any issues with site please contact The proposal submittal shall be placed unfolded in a sealed package and addressed to:

Albuquerque Housing Authority
Attention: Rocio Solis Sinche, Procurement Officer
1840 University Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

The package exterior must clearly denote the above noted RFP number and must have the proposer’s name and return address. Proposals received after the published deadline will not be accepted.

The Agency intends to retain the successful proposer pursuant to a "Best Value" basis, not a "Low Bid" basis. Therefore, so that the Agency can properly evaluate the offers received, all proposals submitted in response to this RFP must be formatted in accordance with the sequence noted below. Each category must be separated by index dividers numbered (which number extends so that each tab can be located without opening the proposal). None of the proposed services may conflict with any requirement the Agency has published herein or will issue by addendum.
Tab 1: Form of Proposal.
This Form is attached hereto as Attachment A to this RFP document. This 1-page Form must be fully completed, executed where provided thereon and submitted under this tab as a part of the proposal submittal.
Tab 2: Form HUD-5369 A (11/1992), Representations, Certifications and Other Statements of Bidders and Non-Collusive Affidavit.
These Forms are attached hereto as Attachment B to this RFP document. These Forms must be fully completed, executed where provided thereon and submitted under this tab as a part of the proposal submittal.
Tab 3: Form HUD-5369 (10/2002) Instructions to Bidders for Contracts.
This form is attached hereto as Attachment I to this RFP.
Tab 4: Form HUD-5370 (08/2016) General Conditions of the Contract for Construction Public and Indian Housing.
This form is attached hereto as Attachment D to this RFP.
Tab 5: Profile of Firm Form.
The Profile of Firm Form is attached hereto as Attachment C to this RFP document. This form must be fully completed, executed and submitted under this tab as a part of the proposal submittal.
Tab 6: Proposed Services.
Scope of Proposal/Technical Specifications, of this document, the proposer shall, at a minimum, clearly detail within the information submitted under this tab documentation showing:

Evaluation Factor No. 1, herein, the proposer's Pricing/Fee Proposal. Contractor shall provide a Price Proposal for each proposed Roof listed on the Attachment J Price Sheet, it intends to bid on.

Response Evaluation Factor No. 2, herein, the proposer's Experience. This should include relevant Demonstrated Experience.

Evaluation Factor No. 3, herein, the proposer's Capacity.

Evaluation Factor No. 4, herein, the proposer's Approach and Methodology of service, etc.

Evaluation Factor No. 5, herein, the proposer's Section 3 Procurement Preference Documentation. See Attachment H Section 3 Explanation and Forms 2022.
Tab 7: Managerial Capacity/Financial Viability/Staffing Plan.
The proposer entity must submit under this tab a concise description of its managerial and financial capacity to deliver the proposed services, including brief professional resumes for the persons identified within areas (5) and (6) of Attachment C, Profile of Firm Form. Such information shall include the proposer's qualifications to provide the services; a description of the background and current organization of the firm. Provide staff resumes.
Tab 8: Client Information
The proposer shall submit a listing of former or current clients, including any other Public Housing Authority, for whom the proposer has performed similar or like services to those being proposed herein. The listing shall, at a minimum, include:

The client's name;
The client's contact name;
The client's telephone number;
A brief narrative description and scope of the service(s) and the dates the services were provided, including a brief narrative description of those specific services including scope; size; cost; principal elements and special features.
Tab 9: Equal Employment Opportunity/Supplier Diversity.
The bidder must submit under this tab a copy of its Equal Opportunity Employment Policy and a complete description of the positive steps it will take to ensure compliance, to the greatest extent feasible, with the regulations detailed within Section 6 herein pertaining to supplier diversity (e.g. small, minority-, and women-owned businesses). Identify efforts that will be performed by minority, women and small businesses and identify associated percentage of work. Please provide a copy of minority classification certification(s).
Tab 10: Subcontractor/Joint Venture Information.
The proposer shall identify hereunder whether or not he/she intends to use any subcontractors for this job, if awarded, and/or if the proposal is a joint venture with another firm. Such Joint Venture firms or any major subcontractors ("major," meaning a projected 10% or more of the work).
Tab 11: Campaign Contribution Form
Is attached hereto as Attachment K to this RFP. This Form must be fully completed, executed where provided thereon and submitted under this tab as a part of the bid submittal.
Tab 12: Other Information (Optional Item).
The proposer may include hereunder any other general information that the proposer believes is appropriate to assist the Agency in its evaluation.
Proposal Evaluation Factors
The following Factors will be utilized by the Agency to evaluate each proposal submitted.
No. 1: Proposed Cost
Maximum Point Value = 30
Pricing Proposal- Please complete Attachment J Roof Replacement Pricing Sheet.

Provide a complete listing of assumptions and conditions associated with your proposal.
No. 2: Experience
Maximum Point Value = 25
a. Detailed description of project and services provided. Provide experience with roof replacements similar to those described in Section 2 of this RFP.
b. Owner's name and contact information (include address and phone number);
c. Provide copies of manufacturer installer certificate.
d. Overall construction cost of project and average cost per square foot, as applicable, including initial contract value and change order, including reasons for change orders.
e. Original scheduled completion date and actual completion date and reason for variance.
f. Business Litigation. Disclose any involvement by the organization or any officer or principal in any material business litigation within the last five years. The disclosure must include an explanation as well as the current status and/or disposition.
g. Provide reference letters or letters of recommendation of related projects (not counted in 15 page limit and listed as an attachment or exhibit).
No. 3: Capacity
Maximum Point Value = 25
a. Provide a separate graphic organizational structure complete with working titles for each proposed individuals who will be working directly on project for project duration, including administrative office functions.
b. Provide job descriptions and responsibilities and authority for each working title.
c. Provide anticipated staff assignments for key positions by names and resumes. Provide a staff schedule by name, position, and man hours (assuming 8 hour days) per month estimated on the project. (resumes are not included in the 15 page limit and should be listed as an attachment or exhibit);
d. Provide current workloads of all named staff assigned to this project and schedules for completion of their current assignments.
e. Provide a description of services, if any, which are anticipated to be subcontracted for.
f. Provide certified financial statements of firm.
g. Indicate firms bonding capacity for the project with current and anticipated projects.
h. Provide copies of all applicable licenses and certifications.
i. If applicable, explain the structure of any joint venture or partnership and how responsibilities will be divided. Provide names and contact information for any additional firms involved with the project.

No. 4: Approach and Methodology
Maximum Point Value = 20
a. Describe the methodology (project approach) that clearly and concisely identifies how your team will approach construction with an emphasis on how work will be coordinated to minimize impact on property residents.
b. Describe how you will confirm on-site constructability issues that may impact the GMP during the construction process.
c. Identify how your firm will work toward meeting AHA's MBE/WBE goals and your recommended reporting process to AHA's staff for monitoring the progress of your efforts toward meeting MBE/WBE goals;
d. A complete listing of assumptions and conditions associated with your proposal;
e. Include specific examples (1-2-page excerpts) of actual products (estimates, progress reports, schedules, open-book pricing model, constructability reviews, value engineering studies, forms, general conditions, etc.);
f. Provide a detailed construction schedule with start and completion dates for each project site and any required phasing, weekend work; and
g. Provide a list of any potential concerns, issues or inconsistencies that could affect schedule or pricing.
No. 5: Section 3 Business Preference
Maximum Point Value = 15
a. Employ or Hire Section 3 Workers and Section 3 Targeted Workers, provide self or employer certification of employee/applicant. (15 points)

b. Contracting to Section 3 Business Concern (15 points). If applicable, provide certification form.
c. Provide Hiring and Training opportunities to Section 3 Workers (10 points). Provide supportive documentation.
d. Provide list of other opportunities to Section 3 workers, qualitative activities that your company is currently providing or will provide as listed in Section 3 Procurement Preference Explanation and Forms. (5 points)

Note: Maximum available preference points (15 points)
Total Maximum Points = 115  
Did the Agency place an advertisement in any publication pertaining to this RFP?  Yes
Publication: Albuquerque Journal Advertising Dates: 06/22/2022
Publication: Albuquerque Journal Advertising Dates: 06/24/2022
Terms, Conditions and Instructions
Each firm that submits a proposal is responsible to carefully review and comply with the following and/or the attached Terms, Conditions and Instructions, and by submitting a proposal agrees to do so.

If you have any questions regarding this proposal or any of the documents attached, you may use the "Questions and Answers" area. This will save both you and the Agency time in communication along with allowing documentation of all inquiries and responses within one area for all vendors to view.
RFP Documents  
Attached Documents:
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Issued: 07/08/2022 - 05:05 PM UTC - Addendum #1 for RFP 2224
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