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Sat. Oct 23, 2021
05:14 AM UTC

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Sat. Oct 23, 2021
05:14 AM UTC

Quotations for Small Purchases (QSP)
Invitation for Bids (IFB)

[Within the following, applicable reference within HUD Procurement Handbook No. 7460.8 REV 2]

You may print this Solicitation.

Solicitation Information
Solicitation (QSP/IFB) #: HACL-2021-010
Date Posted on the System: 08/09/2021 06:00 PM
Agency: Housing Authority of the City of Lumberton
Main Commodity/Service Category: Construction, Maintenance, Support and Repair Services
Sub Commodity/Service Description: Concrete
Buyer Information
Buyer Name: Barbie Hunt
Buyer Phone Number: 9106718213
Buyer Fax Number: 9108024526
Buyer E-mail:
Pre-bid Conference(s)
Pre-bid Conference: Will a Pre-bid Conference be conducted in conjunction with this Solicitation  [Section 6.7]?

Pre-bid Conference Date: 08/17/2021
Pre-bid Conference Time: 10:00 AM
Pre-bid Conference Location:
407 N Sycamore Street, Lumberton, NC 28358
Q/A Cutoff Date: 09/17/2021
Q/A Cutoff Time: 04:00 PM UTC
Bid Due Date: 09/28/2021
Bid Due Time: 06:00 PM UTC
To change your Time Zone, click on "Company Profile" in the navigation menu to the left.
Deadline Revision: Deadline has been revised, click here to view the revision history.
Cancellation: Bid Deadline has passed. Please use award features to do an award/non-award notice or an online evaluation.
Approximate Delivery Date / Start Date: 10/01/2021
Contract (Award) Types
  Firm Fixed-price Contract [Section 10.1.C.1]
"Ship To" Information
A. Delivery of Purchased Items or Services
Name: Lumberton Housing
Location: Main Office
Address: 407 N. Sycamore St
City: Lumberton
State: NC
Zip Code: 28358
Phone Number: 910-671-8200
Fax Number: 910-802-4526
Publication: Advertising Dates:
Publication: Fayetteville Observer News Paper Advertising Dates:
Terms, Conditions and Instructions
Each firm that submits a bid is responsible to carefully review and comply with the following and/or the attached Terms, Conditions and Instructions, and by submitting a bid agrees to do so.

If you have any questions regarding this bid or the documents attached, you may use the "Questions and Answers" area. This will save both you and the Agency time in communication along with allowing documentation of all inquiries and responses within one area for all vendors to view.
  Filename Size
Information for Bid.pdf Information for Bid.pdf 319.41 KB
Plans.pdf Plans.pdf 2.52 MB
IFB Cover Sheet.pdf IFB Cover Sheet.pdf 184.98 KB
Bid Form.docx Bid Form.docx 32.21 KB
Attachment Davis Bacon Residential 1 1 21.txt Attachment Davis Bacon Residential 1 1 21.txt 9.34 KB
Attachment HUD 5370-EZ.pdf Attachment HUD 5370-EZ.pdf 1.48 MB
Attachment HUD-11.pdf Attachment HUD-11.pdf 76.81 KB
Attachment HUD-2530.pdf Attachment HUD-2530.pdf 165.25 KB
Attachment HUD-2554.pdf Attachment HUD-2554.pdf 133.56 KB
Attachment HUD-2992.pdf Attachment HUD-2992.pdf 15.16 KB
Attachment HUD-4010.pdf Attachment HUD-4010.pdf 48.93 KB
Attachment HUD-4010_0.pdf Attachment HUD-4010_0.pdf 48.93 KB
Attachment HUD-5369.pdf Attachment HUD-5369.pdf 47.17 KB
Attachment HUD-5369-A.pdf Attachment HUD-5369-A.pdf 64.75 KB
Attachment HUD-5372.pdf Attachment HUD-5372.pdf 274.03 KB
Attachment HUD-50071.pdf Attachment HUD-50071.pdf 234.95 KB
Attachment HUD-92010.pdf Attachment HUD-92010.pdf 53.3 KB
Attachment HUD-92554M.pdf Attachment HUD-92554M.pdf 86 KB
Attachment SECTION 3.pdf Attachment SECTION 3.pdf 370.12 KB
Attachment SF-24.pdf Attachment SF-24.pdf 719.93 KB
Attachment SF-25.pdf Attachment SF-25.pdf 739.35 KB
Attachment SF-25A.pdf Attachment SF-25A.pdf 730.45 KB
Attachment SF-LLL.pdf Attachment SF-LLL.pdf 43.41 KB
Attachment WH-347.pdf Attachment WH-347.pdf 171.25 KB
NC Affidavit of Compliance E Verify.pdf NC Affidavit of Compliance E Verify.pdf 145.04 KB
Non Collusive Affidavit.pdf Non Collusive Affidavit.pdf 167.77 KB
Statement of Offerors Qualifications.pdf Statement of Offerors Qualifications.pdf 179.9 KB
Bid Submittal Format
Bidders must submit one (1) copy of the bid submittal, including extending tabs, in a sealed package, properly addressed.

So that the Agency can properly evaluate the offers received, all such hard-copy bid submittals must be formatted in accordance with the sequence noted below. Each category must be separated by index dividers numbered (which number extends so that each tab can be located without opening the bid). None of the proposed services may conflict with any requirement the Agency has published herein or will issue by addendum.
Tab 1: Cover Sheet
4.1 The IFB cover sheet and all addenda(s) acknowledgment(s), if any, signed and filled out as required. Provide information that the person signing the IFB is authorized to bind the firm(s).
Tab 2: HUD Documents
4.2 All HUD Forms, Statement of Offeror's Qualification, attachments to the IFB, and other specific items or data requested in the IFB.
NC Affidavit of Compliance E Verify
NON Collusive Affidavit
Statement of Offers Qualifications
Tab 3: References
4.3 A list of at least four (4) references where the Offeror has performed similar services, including, without limitation references from public housing agencies and/or other governmental clients. Include the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the contact person for each reference as well as a brief description of the services performed
Tab 4: Insurance
Proof of Required Insurance
Questions and Answers
View Unanswered Questions - 1 Unanswered Questions(s)

View Answered Questions - 0 Answered Question(s)

Issued: 08/10/2021 - 03:35 PM UTC - Information for Bid Date Correction
Issued: 09/09/2021 - 05:49 PM UTC - Addendum NO. 2
Issued: 09/09/2021 - 05:49 PM UTC - Addendum NO. 2
Issued: 09/09/2021 - 05:49 PM UTC - Addendum NO. 2
Pricing Items for Solicitation #: HACL-2021-010 - Concrete
Pricing Item # Agency Stock Code Qty U/M
Specification: 1. The bidder, having familiarized themselves with the local conditions affecting the cost of the work, and the Project Scope (including this Proposal, the form of Non-Collusive Affidavit, the form of Contract, the General Conditions, the Special Conditions, and the General Scope of Work, if any thereto, and on file in the office of the Housing Authority of the City of Lumberton (HACL), hereby proposes to construct and complete all listed concrete repairs and replacement, Job Number HACL-2021-010 all in accordance therewith, for the detailed and total sum.
2. In submitting this proposal, it is understood that the right is reserved by the HACL to reject any and all proposals. If written notice of the acceptance of this proposal is mailed, telegraphed or delivered to the undersigned within thirty (30) days after the opening thereof, or at any time thereafter before this proposal is withdrawn, the undersigned agrees to execute and deliver a contract in the prescribed form and furnish the applicable insurance in the name of HACL prior to the contract is presented to him/her for signature.
3. Attached hereto is an affidavit (Non-Collusive Affidavit) in proof that the undersigned has not entered into any collusion with any person in respect to this proposal or any other proposal of the submitting of proposals for the contract for which this proposal is submitted.
4. Submitter must pay applicable wage rates at the hourly rate listed plus fringe benefits equal or more than the amount listed. If no fringe benefits are provided, the listed fringe amount must be added to the hourly rate to be paid on the project., or equal. 
Vendor SKU: NOT REQUIRED for this item.
No Bid: ALLOWED for this item.
No Charge: ALLOWED for this item.

END OF Solicitation #HACL-2021-010 10/23/2021 05:14:10 AM UTC

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